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Ray Of Sunshine

Sooo this week was a pretty rough week… I came down with a bad cold and people were getting over my nerves.. But a couple of hours ago. A certain someone who will remain nameless managed to put a smile on my face just by his conversation alone. It’s nothing major.. Im chilling with relationships for a good min until God puts one in my path, but I’m sure thankful for his friendship which I’m happy that we are building.


"Love….keeps going to the end"

When Ed and Alice went for marriage counseling the therapist asked Alice, “What first attracted you to Ed?” She replied, “His strong, silent temperament.” The counselor continued, “So why do you want a divorce?” Alice answered, “His strong, silent temperament!” Sometimes what drew us together ends up a major irritant. In every relationship there are times when it would be easier to quit than to hang in. But short of physical and emotional abuse, there are advantages to working through your issues. For example there are: (1) Emotional benefits. Contrary to what Hollywood’s culture would have us believe, divorced people are more likely to feel depressed due to loneliness. In fact, many say although there were disagreements in the relationship, they miss having someone to come home to. (2) Health benefits. Emotional stress leads to physical problems, and being in a relationship, especially a good marriage, can be beneficial to your health. It’s like having your own nurse or therapist. (3) Community benefits. What your kids see influences their future choices. Staying in your marriage teaches them how to work through relationship challenges. Couples with strong marriages are helping to build a nation of loving, responsible parents who can guide their children onto the right track. “Love keeps going to the end.” Author Christy Scannell says, “When [my husband and I] got married, we agreed it was for life…Weeks before our wedding we made a pact to work out whatever problems came our way…Yes, we fight. We accuse. We toss barbs…but we won’t be moving out or filing papers…whatever happens we’re staying” 

  • (TAKEN FROM The Word For You Today.. Sept*Oct*Nov  Faith Fellowship Ministries)


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